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DDAY at Wargaming Berlin

In a strange twist of fate we visited the Berlin office of War Gaming, famed for World of Tanks, on D-Day. The Berlin office is a business and communications office and so we met Tom Putzki, the Head of the … Continue reading

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Foundation For Digital Games Culture at the Computerspielemuseum

Managing Director Peter Tscherne and Project Manager Benjaminn Rostalski of the Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur (or Foundation for Digital Games Culture) kicked off our visit the first computer game museum on the planet, otherwise known as the Computerspielemuseum. The two year-old … Continue reading

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Political and non-Political Parties

Wednesday we returned to Parliament  to visit the building itself.  There is this giant funneled dome over the Parliament building that serves as a viewing point for most of Berlin and a sustainable water, light and heat source for the … Continue reading

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Studio Visit Two: Wooga

The energetic and wildly positive Dr. Anne Seebach , a former geologist, University Relations, graciously toured us through Wooga HQ. The company is 5½ years old. The founders had been in the ring tone business together and then started a … Continue reading

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Studio Visit One: King.Com

We dropped in on the year-old Berlin studio office of King, the company that brought you, among other things, the monolithic Candy Crush, with 113 million players.  The office has 20 employees and some are working on a new game … Continue reading

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Berlin Day One: Parliment

After the train ride from Paderborn (in which some of us were in an Air Conditioned car and others were not) We headed off to one of the Parliamentary conference rooms where we met with Thomas Jarzombek, a representative from … Continue reading

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Ich danke ihnen vielmals!

As an infrequent bystander and non-participant in the Game Jam I can report that it went really well.  After hanging out together for a couple of days the students had really gotten to do some bonding and worked well together.  … Continue reading

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A visit to Ubisoft Blue Byte

We had a “Fantastiche” visit to Ubisoft Blue Byte, escorted by the effervescent “mistress of ceremonies” for our tour, Nadine Krüger,Manager Internal Communications for the company.  We had five other speakers during our visit. Kay Bennemann, Senior Business Development Manager … Continue reading

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Jorg’s German Industry Lecture

Tuesday afternoon, we assembled in the Gameslab and Jorg gave us a brief overview on the history and current state of the German game industry.  I’ll summarize what I have from my notes here and then he’ll likely comment on … Continue reading

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A Most Excellent First Day

Lunch with Dr. Frick and Jorg went quite well. We are looking at the possibility of them visiting at the end of October to talk about additional linkages with other RIT programs. We now have a full contingent of students … Continue reading

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