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Lions and Tigers and Computers and Panzers, Oh My! and Goodbyes

It’s my last post guys. I’ll be covering my adventures on Thursday, the events of Friday, and the farewells of Saturday. — Lions and Tigers and Bears ….and Apple Strudel— But actually, I missed the lions and the tigers when I … Continue reading

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Where’s the color?

On Wednesday, we began the day by going to the Reich and going to glass funnel-dome-thingy >.> on top of it, which gave a great view of the entire city of Berlin. You could see practically anything and everything major … Continue reading

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Being a kid again

Am I too young to say that? Anyway, I’m going to combine what happened on Monday with what happened on Tuesday because not much really happened on Monday aside from traveling. — Monday — Monday we finally left Paderborn and … Continue reading

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Paderborner is a Little Bittersweet

(Psst, Jacobs, there’s no actual academic content in this post) So I’m a few days behind, but I wanted to write a short post about Sunday at least. Sunday, the game jam was over and we finally had time to … Continue reading

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Transformer, More than Meets the Eye

So this is going to be my super long recap of the game jam. I’ll write about Sunday in a short post after this. Although, it contains very little of what Jacobs wants from us, I know the German students … Continue reading

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Hannes not Hans, no Hanna, and “tour guide” Bernd

YOU HAPPY, HANNES? So yes, yesterday, I was corrected that Hannes name is not Hans, but actually Hannes. *cough*Hans*cough* is what Henning now wants us to call him though. Anyway, yesterday we went to Dusseldorf, aka “the old town”. On … Continue reading

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Today we visited the Nixdorf Museum. We had a guided tour and we started by getting an overview. The first part was about writing and printing and calculating, and I was suddenly back in my Tablet to Tablet: History of … Continue reading

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Discoveries Already

While I could write about my exciting mini-trip in Berlin with Freddy, Elvis, and our new Canadian friend before this program started, that’s not the point of this blog. And so, I write of today, and today was a day of … Continue reading

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