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Walking and Waiting

Wednesday wasn’t the best, for me. Our trip to Parliament, at the beginning of the day, was low-key but not necessarily bad; it was pretty nice getting to see Berlin from up high. Afterwards, though, when we had free time … Continue reading

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Berlin Day 2

Today got off to a somewhat disappointing start with the visit to King in the morning. Honestly, I felt kind of unsure why most of us were there; as opposed to the other visits thus far, where we were receiving … Continue reading

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Switching Over

The picnic on Sunday was probably one of the best times I’ve had so far. It was low-key, a goid chance to wind down after the game jam; and between that and the get-togethers Hannes held at his flat, I … Continue reading

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Game Jam Debrief

As I expected, things got┬ámuch┬ámore fast-paced as the game jam proceeded. Especially during the last day, everyone had to kick things into overdrive; of the four songs I wrote for the game, two were composed in their entirety & one … Continue reading

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Dusseldorf & Game Jam

There was a party on Tuesday, but I didn’t stay long, mostly feeling out of place and unsure what to do with myself. Overall, really, the day was relatively boring compared to Monday; I honestly can’t remember most of what … Continue reading

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Opening Thoughts

Getting into Germany was a bit of a disaster. The stereotype of ”German Efficiency” is clearly a myth so far as the trains are concerned; it took a considerable amount of trouble just getting into Paderborn, and once there I … Continue reading

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