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Zoo Day, Museum, and Wargaming

Wow, I can’t believe this is my last day in Berlin with everyone. It doesn’t feel like it is ending. I’m expecting to wake up at 9am again tomorrow and getting ready to head to another company or a museum. … Continue reading

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More and more Berlin

We went back to Parliament today just in a different section then our last visit. We got to walk on the roof of the building and inside the glass dome. It was such a beautiful view of the entire city. … Continue reading

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Berlin Outings

We went to King today! I was really excited because I got to present my group’s game, Space Buddies. I was tasked with speaking about the game while Steve set it up and played it to show it off. It … Continue reading

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Goodbye Paderborn, Hello Berlin

Our last day in Paderborn was bittersweet. I really enjoyed Paderborn a lot, and while I will miss it I am also excited to be in Berlin. Paderborn has beautiful architecture, the university campus is great, and all the people … Continue reading

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Presenting to King

I’m very excited!My team’s game “Space Buddies” got selected to show to!I am very proud of all the work we did. Of course I wish more of the artwork we did got implemented into the final game, but I … Continue reading

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Game Jam Continues

It is 4am and I have just returned to my hotel room to try and get any amount of sleep I can. There were still a lot of people at the lab when I left. I commend them for that. … Continue reading

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Let The Game Jam Commence!

Today started off pretty well considering we all got some well deserved (or maybe wanted is more the word) sleep. As soon as we woke up we had to head over to the university to start the long awaited Game … Continue reading

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We got to take a lovely 2 hour trip this morning to Dusseldorf to visit ubisoft blue byte. Going to Ubisoft first of all was extremely exciting and once we were there it was even cooler. Walking in we were … Continue reading

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It is only Tuesday

It really feels like a weekend for some reason. I had two people wish me a good weekend as I left the party tonight. Nice to know that I am not the only one having problems keeping track of the … Continue reading

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Paderborn Site Seeing

Today was really cool. We got to meet our German buddies and they are all really interesting people and really friendly. They showed us around the university and the city which was really cute and quaint. It is such a … Continue reading

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