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Planes – Boring post – Thank You

Not much to say here. It’s early Saturday morning when I had to leave with Jacobs and Max to the airport. We luckily had just enough time to grab food to go (yay for German breakfast making that easily capable) … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Final Day

A very historical day, at that. June 6th hadn’t meant anything to me in the past, until you realize you’re in the country it all happened. Breakfast. Something I’ve welcomed while over here, save for the lack of cold milk. … Continue reading

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A day of freedom

Note for the future: get a GPS based in whatever country you’re in. We had a lovely surprise this morning when some of us had gotten up for breakfast. It took Tona to correct me that the very familiar laugh … Continue reading

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The Reich… of politics and parties

Okay, bad title is bad. Just because I’m an author/writer doesn’t mean I’m always clever. Stop making me impress you people! First stop, the Bunderstag. (I think someone called it the Reich?) Mainly, the glass dome on top, which was … Continue reading

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King. Wooga. Mid-Life Crisis?

I get pretty nervous when pitching things. It makes me forget important details sometimes. I also forgot to mention in my last post that I had a very long, very informative with Jorg about my game, other games, and things … Continue reading

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Hallo, Berlin. Auf Weidersen, sleep.

Trains can be very uncomfortable… At least I’m close to the Airport now! Being woken up early just to have to carry a heavy ass bag up and down stairs (again) and try to sleep on trains isn’t fun. I … Continue reading

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Game… Over

Sergej, not Serj..? Game Jam’s done. Time to sleep- Oh, no time to eat and hang out until MIDNIGHT. The Jam finally ended, and thank goodness. I don’t think Sergej, Julian and I would have lasted much longer. The final … Continue reading

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Game Jam

At the time of writing, we’re on the final day and I’ve slept accidentally for maybe an hour after I went back to the hotel to shower. Bear with me, since I’ve had some drinks, some food, and… yeah. Tired. … Continue reading

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Ubisoft and shopping

I forgot to mention in the last post about the DeutschHaus we went to, and I had shnitzel for the first time! I like it~ I wanted to take it home, and let our server take my plate before I … Continue reading

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Only Tuesday. Wie? Warum!? Today was the first of a pattern: rain. Which, of course, ist kalt! We visited the Nixdorf Museum today, dedicated to the history of computers and computing. It was really interesting, even if we rushed through … Continue reading

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