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Day 12: Our Final Day Altogether

The day started off pretty good despite the fact that I knew I wouldn’t be seeing the German students, Jörg, and some students from the RIT campus anymore (at least for some time). After a quick breakfast (I am never getting … Continue reading

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Day 11: Free Day – Adventure in Berlin

So the day started off pretty late, as I woke up later than usual and missed breakfast. Since I wasn’t able to catch up with the first group that headed off to the zoo, I decided to try and do … Continue reading

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Day 10: Trip to CDU

Today started off pretty good. After breakfast our group traveled back near the Parliament building (that we went to on Monday) and had a tour of a dome building. During the tour, I got a chance to see many important/famous … Continue reading

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Day 9: Trip to King and Wooga

The day started off with a nice, but limited breakfast in the hotel lobby. After coordinating, our group traveled to the King game studio. There we heard from some employees on the company structure (in particular, the dynamics of their … Continue reading

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Day 8: Arrival in Berlin/Visit to Parliament

Today our group traveled earlier in the afternoon from Paderborn to Berlin via the train. The trip was a bit tiring, as we constantly had to transfer trains and sit overheated cars. However, the bright point of the day came … Continue reading

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Day 7: Last Day in Paderborn

Today was really great. The day started off with me waking up from a Game Jam-induced coma (game ideas kept dancing around in my head). I think I was able to get about 14 straight hours of sleep. After successfully … Continue reading

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Day 6: Last day of the Game Jam

Today proved to be pretty brutal. After staying up all night to re-adjust my images – so that they were cohesive with the other backgrounds, I still found myself struggling to get the game graphics to look professional/usable. Even though … Continue reading

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Day 5: Day 2 of the Game Jam

So far, the Game Jam is working out pretty well. My group, the Something’s Wrong team, worked out a basic concept for our game and then divvied up the work for each team member. I am currently working on some … Continue reading

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Day 4: Day 1 of the Game Jam

Hello, again. After our group trip to Dusseldorf, I was both extremely excited to see what activities would come up next, as well as very tired from yesterday’s excursion. I enjoyed our group outing, and hope that future ones will involve more … Continue reading

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Day 3: Trip to Dusseldorf – Ubisoft Blue Byte studio

Today was proved to be a very interesting day, as I was able to get an inside look at the Ubisoft Blue Byte game studio based in Germany. I was able to get a look at the business/company model of … Continue reading

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