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06/06 – Pew Pew

<– Computer Games Museum –> Our first stop during our final day of the study abroad program was at the computer games museum. Other than the strong museum back in Rochester, I didn’t have much experience with game museums. It … Continue reading

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06/05 – Zoo

Unfortunately, my pictures from this day onward have not been edited yet, so I won’t be able to upload them here just yet. <– Zoo –> From before the trip had started, a group of us had agreed to go … Continue reading

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06/04 – Abbreviations everywhere

<– CDU –> We had a chance to do more government stuff today. We visited the parliament building and were able to meet members of the Christian Democratic Union – one of the largest political parties in Germany. There were talks about … Continue reading

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06/03 – Queen Agoow

<– Jam’s final stand –> At long last, the day to present the polished version of Food Friends to came had arrived. I was in charge of doing a final push to add mobile functionality (touch events), so I was … Continue reading

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06/02 – Berlin flavored jam

<– Jam everywhere–> Although falling asleep on my buddy Bernd’s shoulder during the train ride to Berlin, I was able to get myself to wake up and continue working on the game. While talking to some of the team members, I was … Continue reading

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06/01 – Don’t stop jammin’

<– Relaxation? –> With the conclusion of the game jam, everyone would be taking Sunday off in order to relax and spend one last day with the students in Paderborn that weren’t going to Berlin. We were scheduled to go … Continue reading

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05/29 – 05/31 (Jammed)

<– Making the toast –> The long awaited day! Although my game jam experience was at one prior to this day, I was still super pumped. The game jam was scheduled to start at 14:00 in order to give everyone … Continue reading

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05/28 – Byte the blues

<– Postponed –> It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. I will be using my pictures as main references to recall the events that have transpired since my last post. Hopefully that, in combination with notes I’ve taken, will … Continue reading

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05/26 – 05/27 (Impressions)

Structuring these sorts of things was never my thing. I think I’ll just be jumping right into the good stuff. <– Paderborn –> I feel like every [small] town that I visit always ends up reminding me of Mexico for … Continue reading

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05/23 – 05/25 (Arrival)

Germany! It’s quite exciting to finally be here! The days leading up to the trip were definitely quite hectic, and I often found myself rushing to get things done at the last minute despite not procrastinating. <— Flight —> I … Continue reading

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