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Berlin Day 2

Today got off to a somewhat disappointing start with the visit to King in the morning. Honestly, I felt kind of unsure why most of us were there; as opposed to the other visits thus far, where we were receiving … Continue reading

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King. Wooga. Mid-Life Crisis?

I get pretty nervous when pitching things. It makes me forget important details sometimes. I also forgot to mention in my last post that I had a very long, very informative with Jorg about my game, other games, and things … Continue reading

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06/03 – Queen Agoow

<– Jam’s final stand –> At long last, the day to present the polished version of Food Friends to came had arrived. I was in charge of doing a final push to add mobile functionality (touch events), so I was … Continue reading

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Being a kid again

Am I too young to say that? Anyway, I’m going to combine what happened on Monday with what happened on Tuesday because not much really happened on Monday aside from traveling. — Monday — Monday we finally left Paderborn and … Continue reading

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Studio Visit Two: Wooga

The energetic and wildly positive Dr. Anne Seebach , a former geologist, University Relations, graciously toured us through Wooga HQ. The company is 5½ years old. The founders had been in the ring tone business together and then started a … Continue reading

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Day 9: Trip to King and Wooga

The day started off with a nice, but limited breakfast in the hotel lobby. After coordinating, our group traveled to the King game studio. There we heard from some employees on the company structure (in particular, the dynamics of their … Continue reading

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King and Wooga

I began the day with a nice breakfast from the hotel. Unfortunately, the food variety in Motel One is very limited compared to the food provided to us at the Campus Lounge. This was a little upsetting, but the delicious … Continue reading

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Day 9: International Man of Mystery

Today we visited the game companies, King and Wooga. King: was smaller compared to to Blue Byte Ubisoft, but was located in a similar work building. They also said it was a temporary office for a larger one they were … Continue reading

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Berlin Outings

We went to King today! I was really excited because I got to present my group’s game, Space Buddies. I was tasked with speaking about the game while Steve set it up and played it to show it off. It … Continue reading

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