Holiday Thursday

Today is a holiday here so the stores are closed and services are limited. A good day for catching up, blogging, reflection and … Game Jam!   I slept like a rock last night after our long day trip to Dusseldorf so I feel well rested and adjusted to the time change. Breakfast (included) is both hot and cold and really very expansive in terms of choice. Healthy choices and bacon all on one buffet.  A good start all the way around. This is the breakfast room and buffet at the Campus Lounge Hotel.


Our time at Ubisoft/BlueByte was both instructive and fun. Thank you to everyone there and particularly Nadine Kruger, Manager International Communications. They rolled out the welcome mat and, yes, there was strawberry cake just for us.


So, today is Game Jam.  W00t!  Some of our students are a little nervous and I understand. When you meet people you like and respect, you want them to think highly of you, as well. Franzi tells me some of the German students are a little nervous, too. For the same reason. I think, once the Jam starts, it will all sort out for the best.  A natural byproduct of the things that matter to us is a bit of nervousness when it’s show time.  But once we start and begin to work together, there will be games. And that’s why we’re all here.  : )

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  1. katie clark says:

    Food pictures! We want pictures of german food!

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