Dusseldorf & Game Jam

There was a party on Tuesday, but I didn’t stay long, mostly feeling out of place and unsure what to do with myself. Overall, really, the day was relatively boring compared to Monday; I honestly can’t remember most of what we did, besides a lecture in the morning (afternoon?).

Wednesday, though, was a major treat. Visiting the Ubisoft/Blue Byte offices was a great opportunity (the material was just a bit dry, but it was presented well) and I absolutely loved getting to look around the town a bit. Honestly, the only complaint I could really have was that I felt like we left before I had enough time to really explore the area; but given how early everything closes, that might be a necessary evil. Regardless, this bodes well as a preview of the Berlin trip (i.e. visiting companies & being in a larger city).

On Thursday, the game jam started. The brainstorming exercise was entertaining, if a bit long and unstructured for my tastes – I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to think up several different concepts and toss them around at first, or immediately hone in on one central concept and refine it, or what. The production process itself was a little awkward at first; while I occupied myself with sound design for a while, eventually I needed to take a break from that, and wasn’t sure how to get involved with another aspect I could help out on. Thankfully, a couple of the other designers put together a meeting not long afterwards, which solved that problem.

The atmosphere of the jam is certainly different than anticipated, but that isn’t a bad thing – it’s relatively relaxed, whereas I was worried that it would be too frantic. Then again, we’re still in the relatively early stages of the project, so it might pick up later.

- Max

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