Game Jam Debrief

As I expected, things got much more fast-paced as the game jam proceeded. Especially during the last day, everyone had to kick things into overdrive; of the four songs I wrote for the game, two were composed in their entirety & one was substantially revised over the course of a few hours.

Overall, the experience was definitely a bit stressful, but also definitely a valuable one. Having another 24 hours might have been an improvement, or it might have cheapened the experience – we could have done a bit more in terms of adding content and polishing up our game, but then again, the time constraints are one of the central aspects of the experience. And, ultimately, I’m proud that we could produce something as good as we did given the boundaries we were working within.

By now, I’m extremely sick of eating Italian; in retrospect, I wish we had gone to a wider variety of restaurants during the week – especially since we only had one chance, maybe two, to really eat German food. Ideally, we’ll have more options during the Berlin trip.

On that note, the one thing that’s really irritated me so far is that I don’t feel as if there’s many options; most of our time so far has fallen into either the category of “rigidly scheduled” or “totally unplanned.” The best experiences so far, for me, were the first day in Paderborn and the trip to Dusseldorf (especially Dusseldorf); we were given structure, but we had many choices in how specifically to spend our time, and we had more of a chance to really immerse ourselves in the culture. When we’re cooped up in the campus and the immediately surrounding area, it sometimes feels like we’re not even in Germany.

The blog thing itself is a bit stressful and, frankly, sort of under-explained. I was totally unaware until now that we were expected to produce roughly one blog post a day – something that ranges from “extremely difficult” to “totally impossible” for me depending on my access to the games lab, as I didn’t bring a laptop overseas with me. To some extent, I feel like the program is operating wholly under the assumption that I have (or am capable of obtaining) a portable computer, though it hasn’t been impossible for me to manage without one.

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