Presenting to King

I’m very excited!My team’s game “Space Buddies” got selected to show to!I am very proud of all the work we did. Of course I wish more of the artwork we did got implemented into the final game, but I am still glad that we have a working game that was actually fun to play. It became an even more exciting game after Yumi and I added 50 new words in the word bank. I think the game was a very good concept and with a little more time and polishing it would be perfect.

The presentations were really cool. I really enjoyed seeing all the games. It amazed me how much people got done. I am particularly fond of the game “Fall Of Prejudice”. I would love to see that as a PC game. It was very cute and dark themed. The friendship aspect was extremely adorable using cuddling to gain light. I thought it was a great game idea for PC instead of mobile.

I really enjoyed the game jam overall. I learned so much about making a game in a team. I would do it again and definitely do more to showcase my skills and find a way to imploment it into the final game. I can say I got a lot out of my trip to paderborn and am so excited for Berlin next.

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