Day 8: International Man of Mystery

Today was another day of travel. I’ve come to realize that even though I enjoy traveling, it takes a lot of energy out of me. The trip from Paderborn to Berlin was supposed to be a 4 hour trip, switching trains half way through. The first part of the trip was more relaxing, with open space in the seats and big windows to see the German country side. On this train we past by the Volkswagen plant where Henning gave me some history on how you can go and see how the machines make the cars, have them built for you to drive right there, and a bit about the large collection of cars they keep to show off to visitors. I have a picture I’ll upload when I get the chance, it seemed like a really cool place to visit if you have the chance. The second train was as you would say in German, “unbequem”. It was very hot on the train and I made the mistake of wearing my nice clothes to visit Parliament on the train because I didn’t think we would be stopping until after the visit. Also people tried taking our seats, and there seemed to be a lot of other confusion. But eventually we arrived in Berlin.

The first thing they did was give us tourists books and a subway pass so we could navigate the city properly. After that we started on a rapid adventure through the subway station. I kept up with the group just fine but at the same time, I was very confused and lost in how we got places. We just kept going in and out of different places all over the city but we finally arrived at the German Parliament. The building was very pretty and it was cool to go inside and be in one of those large government meeting rooms you always see on TV. There we met with Thomas Jarzombek, a politician who deals frequently with the German game industry. From our time there I learned a bit about the USK and how it works with German games and casual games.

After the visit, we exhaustively got some dinner and visited the city a bit more but I was too tired to recall too much. When I got back from the hotel though I got an abundance of messages from the students back at Paderborn which was nice. I guess my music matches the “klangfarbe” of the universities radio station which I’m glad to hear. Now I also have a way to keep up with the music coming out in Germany. Hopefully I will be rested tomorrow and able to keep up with the speed of the city better. I also will try studying the Berlin transportation maps to get a better understanding on how the subways work. 

Until then, bis dann!

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