Day 9: International Man of Mystery

Today we visited the game companies, King and Wooga.

King: was smaller compared to to Blue Byte Ubisoft, but was located in a similar work building. They also said it was a temporary office for a larger one they were planning on having in the future. King is a mobile publisher who follows the same German business model, free to play with purchases to make a profit. They were open to take a look at the games that our teams had developed at the game jam. The students did a great job presenting their work and almost all of the students present were able to get helpful feedback and criticism from professionals right there in the industry. The employees seemed happy to be working there even though they seemed a little unorganized due to the fact that they were planning on moving soon.

Wooga: was completely different from the other companies we had visited. They had the largest and nicest studio in my opinion compared to the others. They are also a mobile game company but they presented themselves differently than the other companies had. The first thing that surprised me was their reasoning for not playing console games as much. This was that in the world we live in today, few people have enough time to sit down and be committed to a game with a full story and characters. This is actually the same problem I have when I am in school. I am so focused on my work that I literally do not have the time to enjoy a game. When I play a game, I usually can’t put it down if I really like it and will only stop once I have finished it. Just like if a person was reading a book or watching a television series. Overall I believe it to be a valid reason for why some places don’t see the appeal to console games. However, I also don’t think that console games will die out as long as we as a culture can enjoy reading books or a good story. Also a game designer and a program gave a presentation on their jobs that gave me a lot to think about. Technically, I should start practicing Excel and be more flexible with software I can use to work and be knowledgeable in the many obscure jobs that exist in the industry. Personally, I have to grow much more as an individual. I enjoy traveling, and learning new things about the world around me but it seems that I really need to find a hobby that I am passionate about. I have a good amount of hobbies like sports, playing instruments, and video editing but I feel like I need something more to my life. Finding this passion is very important as a way of defining myself as an individual. Currently I guess I’m just the everyday average guy and even if I went skydiving tomorrow, it would be a great experience but that’s it. I’d still be just average after it. So somewhere out there I really want to find that one thing that can take up my spare time and it is important to me. Hopefully in return this will help me with how I address certain problems and add something that is unique to me. These are some of the questions I was trying to find the answer to by coming on this trip so its good having a little more direction. Other than that we got a nice tour of Wooga and a lot of nice “swag” as they call it.

Afterwards we did some shopping at a nice mall complex. I mistakenly left my wallet at home, so I couldn’t really purchase anything. I would like to buy something that I really can’t get in the US and besides the chocolates, there really isn’t much that I have seen so far. Volker taught me how to properly use the subway today which was very helpful, and I had more energy so I could comprehend everything. It’s sad but I already have to start making my preparations to leave for Japan on Saturday. I am kind of worried about transitioning from German culture. It just seems to work for me. I would have to say though that Berlin goes by a little too fast for me, I like how things were in Paderborn. Well I’m planning on going to bed early tonight to still catch up on a some sleep, because we are waking up a bit earlier these days. Until tomorrow.


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