Monday : caravans

Yesterday, Monday, we got up early to begin our travels to the big city. Hannah made one last trip to the mall, but I was worried about me waking up late and having to finish packing, so I didn’t go with her. Instead, I finished packing pur things and went to wait downstairs. Soon enough, everyone was there and of course, blocking the entryway, as per usual. I sunned myself on a rock and tried to forget that I was on a school trip.

Traveling by myself is wonderful, but traveling with a group is very stressful.   Finally, we had all gathered, so we piled onto the bus (I felt really bad for the people who had to wait for us to meander on with our huge luggages and then pay individually for our tickets) and we were on our way.


At the train station I picked up a bite to eat – the kasebroche was very good. Kind of like a fluffy, inside-out grilled cheese sandwich, minus the sandwich part. The first train was relatively nice. I might have gotten a nice hangover-curing nap if not for a group of people working on their game jam game right next to me rather loudly. No, you are not going to get hired on the spot when we visit King. Stop interrupting my napping process. Even ibuprofen and a tea drink wouldn’t stop my headache… I guess I was pretty irritable.

Anyway, the second train may as well have been a boiler room. And us, being American, did not know that we needed to claim our reserved seats so we had to get Franzi to kick people out of their seats for us. Thank you, Franzi, you’re amazing!

After a sleepy and sweltering train ride, in which I was still constantly woken up with again, loud annoying conversations about coding. Yay. Finally, we were all in Berlin. Sweaty, tired, and hungry. Very hungry. But alas, food was not yet to be. We dumped our stupid amount of luggage at the hotel and trekked off to Parliament.

The walk was longer than I was expecting with my awesome shoe choice of flip flops. When we finally for through security – I’m so glad I brought my passport but damn, it was scary having the Germans hold onto it while I was in there. We had a nice short meeting in a fancy room with a fancy politician man – sorry, I really can’t remember your name right now!

But I learned some things, like reinforcing the fact that games have to be censored and changed before coming to different countries. That really bothers me. I mean, yes, I know it is necessary, but no, I dont think that it should be a thing. But then again I am more of a libertarian than most people I know. Anyway. After that we broke to have food – finally! And Katie, I took a food pic, just for you.



Afterwards, we went to the hotel again and a few of us broke off for adventures.   I went with some people in search of adventure and found a bit… Here are some pictures!





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  1. Katie. Clark says:

    Food picture FINALLY!!

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