Berlin Outings

We went to King today! I was really excited because I got to present my group’s game, Space Buddies. I was tasked with speaking about the game while Steve set it up and played it to show it off. It was really nice that they gave us such positive feedback regarding our game and its capabilities. I told our other team members who could not make it that our game received compliments. They were very excited to hear that. I’m glad we made our team proud. It was also great because we got to talk to the lead artist after the presentation and he gave us some good advice. He told us for our UI that we should think about making it a lighter color because on a mobile device the dark blue of our background wouldn’t come across as well as a white one would. He also found out that I working on 3D modeling and gave me examples of his own work where he made the models in 3D then put them into a 2D game. He was extremely helpful. He also told us to play a bunch of games to get a feel for the artwork style. The biggest tip he gave was that we should make a blog or online portfolio and put everything we do up there. He told us that it is good to put artwork up, but to vary the artwork, and that if you do anything else like coding or designing to put that up as well.

That ties into what we learned when we went to Wooga today as well. One of the things I really took to heart was that companies are looking for people who’s interests don’t lie solely in gaming. They want to see that people have other hobbies and do things besides play games. It just goes to show that personality is a big factor in getting a job. As for Wooga I really enjoyed the layout of the building. It was so open and had so many bright colors and pictures everywhere. It looked like it would be such a fun environment to work in. I was really digging the colorfulness and all the open space. Everyone looked really happy to work there, and I think that says a lot about a company if people look interested in their work.

Other then King and Wooga we explored Berlin. I’m pretty sure we did the most walking today out of any of the other days. Or it may have just felt that way because I have been extremely tired the past two days. Berlin is beautiful. There are so many buildings that are just gorgeous architecturally. I didn’t pay attention to street or building names, so sadly, I can’t point out any in particular. Walking along the main roads though was where most of the pretty buildings were. A couple of us ended up eating at this Japanese restaurant which was really nice as well. It made me miss our Germany buddies though.

I got to check out the mall today as well. I wasn’t all that impressed. I got more food, but clothing wise it was alright. I did enjoy the fact that we had a lot of free time today. It was nice to have time to actually look at the shops before they all closed at 8pm. Despite not thinking the stores were all that it was still fun hanging out with different people as we traversed the mall. Next time we have free time to walk around I will not be going to mall. I’d rather stay out in the city and look at more of the buildings. That seems more fulfilling to me.

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