Day 10: International Man of Mystery

Today was the day we visited the Reichstag building. Once you get inside they take you to the roof where you can see almost all of the major buildings in Berlin. Definitely the prettiest view I got while being here, also noting that I was unable to go up in the television tower. There is a beautifully designed glass dome on top of the roof which you can also walk up in the inside of. We got an electronic “guide” that pointed out what each building was and I got the chance to take some great pictures.

Afterwards we visited the CDU which is the political party currently in power in Germany. From what I learned, the German government works similarly with the US government in how the country is broken up and represented. Unlike in the US however there are many different political parties that fight to be in power. These parties usually end up teaming up to win the right percentage of votes so they can get majority vote. Like the US, elections are held every 4 years. Please note that I am not entirely sure on how it works, just putting what I think I understand. Being the current party in party, it was a pretty big deal being able to enter their headquarters and briefly meet what I guess would be the current Vice President and Secretary of State of the German government. The CDU talked about the future of Germany, suggesting that the plan for Europe is to become an united country. It seems like a pretty big plan, and its cool that I got to be a part of it while it is still starting up. We’ll have to see how it works out further down the line. After the visit, we took a walk around the gardens close to the Reichstag building and then to the Berlin Games Academy.

The Games Academy seemed to be structured to our program at RIT, except the entire school is devoted to games instead of one part of a college. Their program I believe is 3 years so shorter and more accelerated than ours. Instead of choosing their path in the industry after 2 years of education, the games academy students are forced to choose after 1 semester. This would make it seem that the students who attend the Games Academy really need to know what they want to do even before they start school there. That’s about all I picked up in the time we were there, was given some suggestions for going out later but I would prefer to rest to be ready for the rest of our adventures. Cake.

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