King and Wooga

I began the day with a nice breakfast from the hotel. Unfortunately, the food variety in Motel One is very limited compared to the food provided to us at the Campus Lounge. This was a little upsetting, but the delicious croissants and yogurt made up for the lack of variety.

We started off the day by visiting King. King is currently waiting for their new studio to be built so they are in a temporary office. Despite this, everyone seemed very friendly and was very open to talking with all the students. My team and I were able to present our game from the game jam to the office. Cheyanne did a wonderful job of explaining the game while Steve demoed the game for the viewers.

At King, my team and I also had the opportunity to talk to the lead designer at the office. He offered some advice on how to make the UI for the game better. For example, he told us how ‘in’ that flat design was. In addition, he stated that dark UIs are difficult to see sometimes on mobile devices since users will sometimes be outside. He suggested that we explore different, lighter colors for the UI. I am really glad that we were able to receive advice from him and will be working further on the UI.

After King, I split off with a group of people in search of food. We decided on a Japanese cuisine restaurant. I don’t think anyone understands how much I’ve missed rice these past couple of days. I was very, very happy to finally have some Asian cuisine to eat. The food was very good and our server was very nice.

After lunch, the group met up and walked to Wooga. I am actually not familiar with any of Wooga’s games and didn’t even know what the company did until today. Despite this, I have to say that Wooga is my favorite company that we visited so far. The company culture seemed very modern and fun and the environment seemed to be very female-friendly (which is an issue in the game industry).

Something that was really interesting to me was the four core themes that Wooga avoided – children’s games, excessive violence, sexism, and something else that escapes me at the moment. What was really surprising was Wooga’s avoidance of children’s games. Although a lot of Wooga’s artwork and design is very playful and child-like in many ways, their games are not specifically geared towards children. This goes to show that even if graphics are extremely cute and well polished doesn’t mean that the content was meant for children.

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