Berlin Day 2

Today got off to a somewhat disappointing start with the visit to King in the morning. Honestly, I felt kind of unsure why most of us were there; as opposed to the other visits thus far, where we were receiving a presentation or holding a discussion, here it felt like our group was putting everything forth. That’s not a bad thing in and of itself, by any means; but to me, it felt like I was really there just to make it easier to keep track of everyone.

After we left, though, the day quickly picked up steam. At first, when it seemed like we were all going to the chocolate museum, I was a bit put off; I’ve basically been ignoring my diet entirely on this trip, and I didn’t need that fact to be emphasized even more. Thankfully, a small contingent of us ended up going to Alexanderplatz early instead, which turned out great – we had a leisurely walk and a nice, light lunch on the way, and afterwards got a head start on looking through the stores.

I’ve been wanting a chance to really go shopping for almost a weeknow, and it was a very nice change of pace to really feel like I was in the city. Our visit to Wooga later in the day was also lovely; the environment was pleasant and they seemed to have a lot to say. It definitely felt like the “ideal” studio visit to me.

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