King. Wooga. Mid-Life Crisis?

I get pretty nervous when pitching things. It makes me forget important details sometimes. I also forgot to mention in my last post that I had a very long, very informative with Jorg about my game, other games, and things pertaining to how I can go from here.

Today we met up after breakfast so that we could finally present the winning games to King (Industries? Incorporated?) in Berlin. They’re relatively new to this area, and so they were much smaller than I expected. I liked it. My team wasn’t one that won, but I was lucky enough to present one of the games that I personally thought was one of the best. They had an all German team, so none of them were coming to Berlin with us. Classes and all. When I heard they still didn’t have someone, I volunteered. I didn’t get much info, since the initial emails came let, and the ones forwarded to me never when through (Google what the heck!?). But I had enough to get the points across. I wasn’t sure about talking about my own game for varying reasons, both personal and not, but I got the gist across without going into too much detail. They seemed to like that. I had some lovely talks with some of their artists (Iman got better info~) and I spoke with Ms. Nora about when they hire, since the German school system is shifted from ours, and the business’s are a little shifted from that. Turns out I’ll have to wait about three months to actually hear anything? But that’s okay, I can be patient enough. Especially since the lovely people there actually really liked me talking and that I presented another group.

We were let loose for a while, and I honestly can’t remember what it was I did. I remember the visit to Wooga much better.

Their refurbished building was very comfortable and open, even if the teams were buried in their work. Well, when you’ve got multiple live going games, you kind of have to be on the ball. Anne, who showed us around was very clear and easy to talk to, and the presenters all knew what they were doing. I have to hand it to both King and Wooga (though Wooga caught my attention better), they made me realize I wasn’t giving casual games the credit they really deserved. I was being childish in my ‘console ways’ and almost thinking it was beneath me? Hoo boy am I wrong, and I realized I was only jumping onto some unknown bandwagon. I’m going to give them a better shot in the future, and I thank King and Wooga for showing me that. It opens up opportunities that consoles can’t, and a better range for me to expand my expertise. I think I’d love to be the concept and artist for companies like this, who create these lovely and imaginative characters that I’m really starting to adore… stupid squishy gummi looking things.
-> Will the universe just please send me a sign of what I’m supposed to be doing? There’s so many choices that I really, really like!

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