Studio Visit One: King.Com

We dropped in on the year-old Berlin studio office of King, the company that brought you, among other things, the monolithic Candy Crush, with 113 million players.  The office has 20 employees and some are working on a new game slated for release in 6 months.  They have 1,000 employees world-wide and all work is done “in-house” with no contractors or free-lancers on King projects.

In general King has small 3-4 person teams work 3-4 months on a new game that, if it passes internal review, will go up on the Royal Games site first and then move to the main King site for world-wide release if it hits the right numbers.

Their presentation to us was brief as their main interest was to hear about our game programs first and then see the best games out of the game jam.  You’ll see specifics about how those went in the student posts but they were very impressed with the quality of what came out of the jam and provided great feedback to the student teams on their work.  The pointed especially to Food Friends and Space Buddies as having commercial potential, gave them constructive criticism on potential improvements to their interfaces and encouraged the teams to keep working on them.  Additionally they praised the students in General, and Hannah in particular for their presentations skills as well.

The company offers “Kingternships world-wide, though the Berlin studio isn’t quite ready for doing them there at this point.  The recruiters encouraged the students to stay in touch for potential opportunities down the road.


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