Day 9: Trip to King and Wooga

The day started off with a nice, but limited breakfast in the hotel lobby. After coordinating, our group traveled to the King game studio. There we heard from some employees on the company structure (in particular, the dynamics of their Berlin office). They were very interested in seeing the games that students, who were selected to present from our recent Game Jam, created. From the presentations (which were great by the way – yay, go teams!), the general consensus – from the King employees – was that the games (Food Friends and Space Buddies in particular) were really well done.

We were also informed that King might be looking to hire a few interns in the near future, and that interested students should apply. I really liked the whole environment of the studio, even though we were in a temporary office (one which King will use until their new office is finished being built), and really enjoyed the friendly nature of the King employees.

After the visit to King, we were given a little free time to explore. Some of us chose to travel to the Fassbender & Rausch chocolate store. It was an amazing place filled with my cool pieces of chocolate art. After taking a ton of photos, our group further divided and went off to our places of interest. A small group of us enjoyed getting lost and exploring around for a while, before I traveled around to the mall in Alexanderplatz to do some shopping. I found a really cool women’s fashion store, and a second hand store along the way.

After the short break the group met back up and then headed off to Wooga. The Wooga studio was amazing to say the least. The whole company culture was very creative and fun, and I couldn’t help but feel like a kid in a candy store. Some of the employees gave a presentation on the company’s culture (their work environment and core beliefs). It was interesting to learn that they made it a point not to include: gambling, children’s games, excessive violence and sexism in their games, and that they strive to create games for all people. After a tour of the studio (which again was awesome), we were able to grab some swag from Wooga’s merchandise area.

After the visit to Wooga our group was again given free time, so I decided to head back to Alexanderplatz to do some more shopping. I headed over to the second hand store with Max, and found a really cool black scarf. We then visited the I Love Berlin store, and the main mall in search of the rest of the group. As we were leaving the mall we met up with Hanna, and we all decided to head back in the direction of the hotel to eat at the Chinese restaurant I found yesterday.

After a few mishaps with our food (which was nice, but a bit pricey), we were able to eat at the restaurant and spend a little time chatting before heading back to the hotel.

After getting back to the hotel, I started to plan out my activities for our free day on Thursday.

Today was fun!

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