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We went back to Parliament today just in a different section then our last visit. We got to walk on the roof of the building and inside the glass dome. It was such a beautiful view of the entire city. I was surprised by how huge the park was. All the trees were really green and a really pretty. It reminded me of central park with a sea of green trees in a city. I learned that the panels inside of the dome collect sun rays and rain water which is really eco-friendly. I’ve also learned that we can walk pretty much half way across the city in under an hour. We did a lot of walking today. My feet may have hurt a little, but the sights were very pretty. I even got to see a cute family of rabbits!

We also went to the CDU, the “Christian Democratic Union”. Even though it wasn’t a main topic during the presentation I really liked the question Hanna posed that was about the fact that church and state are separate in America, but not here in Germany. Their religious values are not completely intertwined with their politics, but some of their values and morals do overlap. In America there is a lot more discrepancy. It was just interesting to see the differences in our two nations. I also really loved the German room at CDU. I really liked the fact that they had each German state donate a chair to that room. I really loved the cardboard chair. It seemed pretty stable too. I think we should do that in America. It might be a really nice idea to see.

We also went to the Games Academy for a roof party. The food was really nice and mingling with the German students there was pretty cool. We got to talk to some very nice people. They were all very open and eager to answer our questions. I got to discuss a lot about the German education system as opposed to the American education system. It was strange the think that the game design program was only a year long basically then they have to go to a different program (if I heard that correctly). It is also really cool to learn that they all learn different languages by the time they are in the sixth to eighth grade. I think in America we should really implement learning new languages earlier then high school while children are more susceptible to absorbing the languages. All of the German students are at the very least bilingual and a lot of them are multilingual. It would be nice to see that added into American schools earlier.

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