Some Time to Rest

I was feeling pretty sick this morning, so I decided to skip most of today’s events. I’m glad that the professors aren’t anal about attendance to every event. I think I would have been coughing on people and falling asleep left and right if I had gone to the events today.

Luckily, I was feeling a lot better in the evening and even started getting an appetite. Although I originally planned to grab food on my own at a local restaurant, I coincidentally bumped into the rest of the students in the lobby. I decided to join everyone to the barbecue party when I heard about free food.

I actually really enjoyed the food at the barbecue. In addition, it was fun talking to the students at the Games Academy. The students there were more specialized in their interested fields than we are (although they receive 1 semester of general education).

It was also interesting to learn about why our Paderborn friends had decided not to attend the Games Academy despite their interest in games. I found out that the price of the private Games Academy was significantly higher than the price of the public Universitat Paderborn. In addition, the credits that students obtained from the Universitat Paderborn would not transfer to the Games Academy. The cost of living in Berlin is Also significantly higher than that of Paderborn.

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