Walking and Waiting

Wednesday wasn’t the best, for me.

Our trip to Parliament, at the beginning of the day, was low-key but not necessarily bad; it was pretty nice getting to see Berlin from up high. Afterwards, though, when we had free time in Pottsdammerplatz, I had trouble finding much to do; there wasn’t a tremendous amount in the area besides restaurants, as far as I could tell.

I did get a chance to view a Salvador Dali exhibit, which was excellent, but sadly a bit short; once that was over, I had trouble killing time until 2:00.

Then we went to visit the CDU, which felt… contextless, I guess? It was like we were learning about German politics, but I felt like we didn’t actually learn much in the process, and I still didn’t really get how it tied to video games. A couple people fell asleep, so we were taken on a 50-minute walk “to wake us up” before the party.  Pretty much everyone agreed that this was a wholly punitive measure, and – at least in my case – one that only tired me out more. I felt too exhausted to get anywhere near the party in the evening; I ended up lounging in my room, feeling like the day was a bit of a waste.

I definitely feel as if the schedule could have been tighter today, and the walk didn’t help – we had too much time and (for me, anyway) too little to fill it with.

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