Zoo Day, Museum, and Wargaming

Wow, I can’t believe this is my last day in Berlin with everyone. It doesn’t feel like it is ending. I’m expecting to wake up at 9am again tomorrow and getting ready to head to another company or a museum. This trip was nothing less of wonderful. I’ve learned so much from all the people I’ve met and all the places I’ve been not only about the gaming industry here in Germany, but about the culture here as well. Germany is a beautiful country and I can definitely see myself coming back (and meeting up with all the new friends I’ve made here). Despite being excited to go home on Sunday I am still sad to be leaving everyone. I’m pretty sure this is the second or third time I’ve said that.

On to the actual news. Yesterday we had a free day to explore the city and do whatever we wanted. I went to the zoo with a bunch of people from our group. The zoo was really nice. I was really surprised that they allowed the animals to be so close. For a lot of the areas it would be extremely easy to cross over into the animals area. In America they have huge fences and ditches and a lot of space to separate the animals from the visitors. The animals were also a lot more social here then at any zoo I’ve ever been to. I don’t know what could have caused that, but it was nice to see the animals actually come near me. The animals were also all visible and not hidden away which was nice because that meant I got to see nearly all of the animals there. I also went to the petting zoo, and I haven’t been to one since I was really young. I forgot how greedy goats are, but in a cute way. I would recommend that zoo to anyone visiting Berlin.

Today we went to the Computerspielemuseum. As we entered we were greeted with giant statues of Link, Rayman, Snake, and Lara Croft which was really cool to see. The museum itself was rather small, but it still had a lot of information packed into it from the beginning of gaming basically. My favorite part was being able to actually play the games they had set up. It was a blast to the past when I played Spyro on a playstation 1. I also learned about pain games today (if that was the correct term). I didn’t partake, but I watched Anthony play. Every time a player lost they would get shocked or smacked with this plastic tube. I don’t know why people would enjoy that since it sounded rather painful. Although I liked the museum I felt that we stayed a little longer then needed.

Afterwards we went to Wargaming. I wasn’t all that excited to go just because I’m not a fan of any war related media, but it turned out to be a pleasant trip. It completely slipped my mind that Rico, who I met at the Games Academy party, worked there. I got some very useful information especially about sending in resumes and doing portfolios. One of the big things I learned today, and that has been stated in various ways by other companies we’ve been to, is that you should be honest on your resume. You should be honest about your strengths and your weaknesses. It shows integrity. I also learned that you should put up portfolio pieces that you are comfortable with because those will show more of your personality. You’d rather have your personality shine through because as I have been learning personality and passion for gaming and other activities will help get you a job. I was told to keep it simple as well. For business cards use a light color so that people can write down notes, keep it clean and simple, and only put the important information on the card. Another thing I will keep in mind is to always remember the person’s position at their workplace. Knowing a name is a common thing to remember, but to remember a person’s job position shows that you are serious.

I’ve taken in everything I’ve learned on this trip and am absorbing it as I type this. I am very happy that I came on this trip. I will use everything I’ve learned to better myself especially as I work on my portfolio this summer. I’m ready for this! This trip definitely helped my excitement on trying to get into the gaming industry. I am very grateful that I had this experience. Now, I must get ready for our final dinner as a group. This should be entertaining!

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