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For 2014-06-07

Today is the official last day of our RIT study aboard program and the start of our extended stay.  Some of us are staying a few extra days.

I didn’t wake up early enough to say good bye to the first group to leave (Goodbye), but we said a lot of other goodbyes and good-lucks to everyone else.  For a small group of us who stayed, we bought tickets to Hamburg; a small adventure on it’s own.  First a train and long walk to a hostel to drop off bags, then a stop at the Berlin Hbf to buy tickets, then back to Spittlemart to pickup my passport so I could get a ticket.  Next we ate and visited the natural history museum.  I expected it to be a lot bigger than it was, but it was a good thing that it was pretty small.  By the time we got there (we walked to the wrong place first) we only had a couple hours.  We did get to see everything except the rocks/minerals.  The most interesting thing was the animated dinosaurs.  You look at them through a display and their bodies fill with organs, then skin, and finally a small scenario plays out.  The more disappointing part of the museum was all the dead fish.  I thought the wet area would be filled with preserved mammals and random organs, but it was all different types of fish, except for the occasional rodent stuck in the mouth of a snake or lizard.  We saw a lot of fish at the zoo.  I’ve seen enough fish for this trip.

Ate food, then split up to go home.  Some of us went to the hostel, one to Spittlemart, and I went to the Sony plaza place (area with Legoland) to see a movie.  The movie was a couple hours wait, so I waited by watching a different movie.  I ended up missing the first few minutes of both movies (no 20min of ads like in the USA).  I kind of liked that you reserve your movie seat.  I made it back to the hotel in the early morning and went to sleep.  The train stations were almost empty, but the train was completely full.

WC: 374/2787, PID: 4

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