Thursday: schwarzbeer

Thursday – a free day. Exactly what I needed after the party at the Games Academy and the fantastic amount of walking done the day prior.

Except, I had nothing planned to do… because I was eagerly awaiting an email from Brian Davis of Wooga telling me when to meet him and his colleagues at the beergarten – an exciting adventure that I had been invited to the night before via email. I was a little nervous. What if I wasn’t cool? What if they thought I was fishing for a job? (I wasn’t; I just wanted to make friends and learn things about the Games industry. Besides, I can’t even accept a job until after I graduate… I’d already accepted both my co-ops.)

Anyway, I was a bit nervous to dedicate a large chunk of my time to doing something at a far corner of the city if I could be called upon at any moment to have this exciting meeting.

I didn’t want to go to the zoo, like many people in the class seemed to want to. Honestly, there’s zoos everywhere. Whoop-de-doo, animals in captivity in Berlin – same as animals in captivity everywhere – sad, constrained, and being peered at by millions of bratty kids.

I digress.

Angelic, my roommate, wanted to go shopping at Primark. I volunteered to join as the lead navigator. We went down to the Primark and I was done with my shopping quickly. I waited around for the time that we were supposed to meet up. Nothing. Nada. No Angelic. Where was she?

As it turns out, she had gotten caught up shopping – I wouldn’t learn that til much later. Well, I waited for an ungodly amount of time, called Prof. Jacobs, wondered if she’d gotten kidnapped, yada yada, then went back to worriedly prepare for my meeting with the Woogas. I tried not to be worried.

Moving on.

I wandered around by Pratergarten – the one true authentic remaining beergarten in Berlin – for a while, waiting for Brian Davis and his Woogas. It was a really pretty place – a garden nestled in the middle of busy streets and among graffitied walls.



I really liked this sign – it’s made of millions of little metal discs that flutter and shine on the breeze.


Anyway – finally I saw Brian Davis’s signature Viking beard and nose-ring, and we sat down to chat. He had brought Martha, an intern from Northeastern majoring in Game Design and Computer Science. She was really cool and we got along really well.

And then Brian Davis, the game design genius (artist, game-balancing guru, and lover of metal) bought me a beer!

That was too cool. It was a really good beer too. Schwarzbeer – it’s black and delicious, unlike Pilsner. It was the house-brewed kind, too. Lesson learned: the darker the beer, the better. Oh it was so crisp and foamy, too. Delicious.



And then I went to bed. EDIT: Actually I went out and partied first.  My bad.

Seriously, I’m not telling you what I learned. Most of it was said in confidence, anyway. Get your own game industry contacts.

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