06/02 – Berlin flavored jam

<– Jam everywhere–>

Although falling asleep on my buddy Bernd’s shoulder during the train ride to Berlin, I was able to get myself to wake up and continue working on the game. While talking to some of the team members, I was able to think of how to solve some of the game-breaking bugs that we were experiencing. Something I wish would happen more often, but nonetheless the fixes were quickly applied and we were on the road to a more polished game.

<– Parliament –>

We were supposed to go to parliament, but unfortunately the plans didn’t go through quite like we had planned. We still went to the building and we had the chance to meet two of the members who spoke to us about how ratings are handled in Germany and the way privacy is handled in Germany. Rather than opting out of a system after being automatically included, Germany requires that citizens opt in to a system. That is, nothing is automatically forced upon the citizens unless they give permission. That’s pretty interesting, though it can definitely lead to hassles like the google maps example that they gave.

<– Foggy memories –>

After parliament, I’m not sure what everyone, including myself, decided to do. I unfortunately seem to have lost the pictures of that day, so I can’t recall what I did for the rest of the day.


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