06/05 – Zoo

Unfortunately, my pictures from this day onward have not been edited yet, so I won’t be able to upload them here just yet.

<– Zoo –>

From before the trip had started, a group of us had agreed to go to the zoo. The Berlin Zoo, to be more specific – which houses the greatest selection in species of any zoo in the world! That’s pretty awesome. I prepared both of my SD cards and two battery packs in order to be able to take as many pictures as possible before I ran out of juice.

It was raining in the beginning, so the group I was with started adventuring in the aquarium. There were all sorts of sea creatures big and small, but my favorite were definitely the jellyfish. They were majestic in a way, with the way they moved and their bright colors.

After a few hours in the aquarium, the rain had died down and my group was able to get back outside to get shots of the rest of theĀ animals. I can’t quite remember the paths we took, but we didn’t have time to explore the entirety of the zoo before everyone got tired.

I had a chance to watch seals and wolves get fed. Both of these were cute in their own way. The wolf feeding was definitely not kid friendly, since the wolves were tearing away at rabbits and chickens that had been fed to them. It sort of reminded me of something that would be seen in the discovery channel.

After some walking around and stopping to eat, my group headed to the petting zoo, where we tried to evenly share food among the many animals that were present. I wasn’t quite sure how to explain to the greedy ones that they weren’t going to get any more food other than trying to make hand signals.

After the petting zoo, we headed to a section of the zoo dedicated to multitudes of avian species. I was able to kick into photography mode and was able to take many many pictures of the species present there.

Many of the birds didn’t mind getting their pictures taken, which gave me the opportunity to get some beautiful close-up shots.

<– Rest –>

After about six or so hours at the zoo, we headed back home to either get rest or get ready for other events throughout the day. I hung out in the hotel for a majority of the night, and was able to get a bit more rest than usual.

Although there was only a single event today for me, it was quite enjoyable. I was able to spend the entire day taking photos of cool animals and then getting a chance to rest.

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