The Reich… of politics and parties

Okay, bad title is bad. Just because I’m an author/writer doesn’t mean I’m always clever. Stop making me impress you people!

First stop, the Bunderstag. (I think someone called it the Reich?) Mainly, the glass dome on top, which was pretty impressive. It overlooks all the important buildings of Germany, and from the audio tape we all had (which took a little while to figure out) we found out what a good portion of them all were. I mainly loved listening to the info about the tall golden statue, that had caught my eye earlier in the day (and to which I would see up close later), and the large bell tower. It was incredible up there, and the giant grate was actually a sun blind! It moves, though you’d never be able to tell. I have to agree with Steven though, that once you start going up and get up to the top it gets really hot. It’s covered in mirrors, so it’s no wonder with it reflecting direct sunlight all day. I can’t remember everything the tape told me, but it did tell us about the zoo – to which me and those around me agreed that we wanted to go there the following day.

In between, we had some free time. So Gabby and I went to do a shopping thing, to which I was out of luck with, and some food. I loved whatever that soup was at the Vietnamese place in the mall~

Going to the Christian Democrat Union (CDU) presented a lot more for me to think about. Yes, we all jumped on the word Christian, but come on. American christians tend to be a little… out there. And loud. And irrational. And it’s all we hear about. Sorry about those who are not this way, I know of you and I know you, but it’s still the predominating idea. I’m still not sure how a christian political party would work in the US, and I feel like someone would take advantage of it. We have a long way to go before we can work like that, I should think… But our speaker, whose name I now forget, was pretty informative to how the CDU works and told us a lot about Angela Merkel (whom I had liked when I learned some government stuff in high school). We sadly didn’t get the chance to meet her, but I did get to check out some of the posters through the ages. They were kind enough to offer us drinks, to which the caffine sadly didn’t help. It never does. However, the extended lecture on the views and inner workings of the party and especially how they are viewing video games and culture (one of their members, friend of Jorg’s, talked about leapfrog and Skyrim) leans more into my data bank on how Europe is different than America and how both have their pros and cons. They’re working on a more opt out culture, even though I think that an opt in culture has it’s benefits. (Looking at you, Facebook and your constant needless changes without a word that nobody likes.)

Last stop for most, second to last for me. Going to the Games Academy in Berlin was great for meeting new people. Though I’m intimidated by those who are older and better at things then me, I got lucky that most were easy to talk with. I think Christian and Tobias helped make that much easier (the two are such hams), and having a ‘what’s out to kill you’ contest – no idea how that started – was pretty fun. Of course I lost to an Australian, no way am I challenging that, but my little PA has plenty of dangers to offer~ I met lots of people here at the party, and had some incredible food. Most of those I met I now have on Facebook, so the website gets a few more points back I suppose. And I am somehow now an official game tester for some of the guys for when they need it. (I enjoyed exploding too much with the game Christian showed me~) After the meetup, I went out with some of the other students, joined by Bernd and Lukas, to try some of the local joints for drink. My first waitress was actually from Philly, which happily surprised me. Then Volker dragged the three of us plus more to another place that we had trouble finding. And getting out of. Bernd and I had to hail a cab since we couldn’t find how to get back to the train station! It was fun, though, getting to know some of the others.

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