A day of freedom

Note for the future: get a GPS based in whatever country you’re in.

We had a lovely surprise this morning when some of us had gotten up for breakfast. It took Tona to correct me that the very familiar laugh I’d heard wasn’t Jorg, but in fact another teacher of mine from the past. I loved Katie’s class last year, and seeing her in Berlin with us was just icing on the cake. Sadly, my reverie was quickly lost.

Since I ended up lost…

You see, while one group went off to the zoo and I planned on joining the later group, there was some shopping I wanted to do for family back home. Those who’ve read my Facebook about this, you can just skip ahead. You see, I wanted to go to the Ampelmann store, among other things. Jorg gave me a quick set of directions before he was off to an important meeting, to which I followed for the most part. But nothing looked familiar, so on the note abut the GPS thing, it kept trying to lead me WAY too far away. So, I spent the better part of an hour and a half lost, upset, pissed, and nervous. Then it rained… You see, I don’t do so well on the ‘lost’ thing, especially when I saw this as my last chance to do this. I was the only one who wanted to go, and even less so now. I was incredibly pissed off that I’d wasted the perfect two hour block to do what I wanted, and it usually doesn’t lead to good things. So, I managed to find my way back to the hotel and relatively hide how upset these things can make me. Why am I telling you this, even? It’s not pertinent, and it certainly has no real bearing…

But the day got much better, when I decided not to waste time trying to cry it out and join the others for the Zoo. The day was uphill from there on, thankfully. For the most part.

The zoo was pretty incredible, and they really did have more species than back home. The safety standards must be different though, ’cause all of us were so used to being kept behind large fences and pits that the shin high ‘fence’ of most of the exhibits was…. strange. Nice! But strange. We all decided to all take one, maybe two, animals and then hide in another country~ Also, Hornbills are loud and slightly annoying when TJ and I aren’t trying to communicate with birds.

However, I owe lots of thanks to Steven (Shing) for putting up with me and going with me to the Ampelmann store later on. There was some time between the zoo and going to eat in Ku’damm (??), and he was kind enough to ‘show me around’ before getting to the store. He’s already mentioned we got a little lost, but he gave me some history lessons to buildings we were passing by. I never though I could fall in love with a building, a gate no less. Brandenburg, what terrors you’ve gone through without so much as a scratch~

We ran out of time pretty quickly after getting lost, so getting to where Jacobs and the other’s were – with two quickly dying phones – was interesting. After making the decision that our way was better, by hopping a train early and taking a bus, we got there much quicker than originally planned. Even as I panicked about the biker in front of the bus. You people really don’t care on the roads, do you!? It was worth it. The food was good, and the strudel was even better~ I wish I’d had more than the bruschetta though. Did I have soup? I think so. It all blended into goodness. I just know that we were at Prime, and I’d love to go again. They put blankets for all the outside chairs!

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