Dawn of the Final Day

A very historical day, at that. June 6th hadn’t meant anything to me in the past, until you realize you’re in the country it all happened.

Breakfast. Something I’ve welcomed while over here, save for the lack of cold milk. And it’s one of the last I’d have here, until some future date. The rain from yesterday had quit, and it was hot today for our train/walk to the ever anticipated Computerspiele Museum. I actually like it much better than the Strong Museum, which had let me down very hard when I went there my freshman year. This was much more… attuned to my interests? I don’t know, I love museums but I’m am quickly bored if something doesn’t stimulate me enough. ‘Tis why I prefer to do museums with those familiar, or alone. However, it had much to offer. I especially enjoyed the exhibit on the West/East video games during and after the wartime. It was so curious to see how people looked at and reflected on things depending on how they were growing up or what their laws were, and why. I kind of also love that in the East, Russia was being China for a while and making rip-offs of other games to suit their needs~ On top of that, the wall display of console’s through the ages grabbed my attention. People are always so surprised that I have a 3DO, and I’m always entertained by it. The 3D game Jorg showed me was really cool, too. I got lucky that my own motion sickness doesn’t kick in with visual things.

I went with the group to eat, and since I was craving burgers we actually found a cafe and bar right where we exited the train. As it happened, I forgo’d the burger that I can get at home and went with London style breakfast. Turns out, I got the best deal for my money. Two eggs, big sausage, basket of bread plus roll, english baked beans (it was like tomato soup with kidney beans) a small salad aka a thing of lettuce with some cucumber, and strawberries~ Only problem? It took so long for food to get there, we only had maybe twenty minutes or so to eat! I was panicking, don’t know if anyone else was, but we all managed to eat with time to spare. The meetup was only a few minutes walk. But the music at the place was so boring. Why do clubs feel the need to play the same measure of a bassline over and over? It was easy to tune out, though, while watching some World of Tanks videos.

Which brings us to our next and final visiting place, the one and only Wargames. Turns out? RIGHT in between the souvenir shop Steven and I had visited a few days back, and the Ampelmann store we went to yesterday. It was RIGHT THERE. JUST up the block. Damn Italian restaurant and construction, hiding my view of the street.

At Wargaming we met up with Rico again, who’s a student at the Games Academy. This visit, while slightly rushed because the guys were all heading to E3 soon (LONG flight), was much better than the other two I feel. They sat down with us individually, which gave us their focus and them ours. Wargaming Berlin is small, of only three guys, but we learned a lot about what they do and especially some fun talks about how the games are going and their futures with Mr. Putzki (if I’m remembering and refreshing correctly). We had a fun talk with him, and he explained how some of the combining of game accounts worked on the different platforms, and wondered like I did what the bigger guys upstairs would say to doing it on the consoles and tablets like what they were doing on the PC. It gave me a great father’s day/birthday gift too. I liked their idea of ‘free to win’ rather than ‘free to play’. It actually felt much more… honest about the whole thing, and gave a better idea about what they were into. I’m not much into tactical or strategy gaming, but I want to give their games a try and I think my dad would be into it. Plus, a ‘war’ game industry in a very ‘no war’ country, in most regards. Very interesting how they managed to get there.


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