Planes – Boring post – Thank You

Not much to say here. It’s early Saturday morning when I had to leave with Jacobs and Max to the airport. We luckily had just enough time to grab food to go (yay for German breakfast making that easily capable) since I never would have made it long enough to wait to be fed on the plane.

Jacobs and I met and talked with a lovely couple in line who were from Mexico, until he left me for the fancy frequent flyers line. But we met again, since he was just a row and two seats away from me. I decided to take advantage of the plane and watch Frozen and Nut Job. Finally know why I don’t much like Frozen.

Standing in the customs line took way too long in Newark, since again Jacobs got to jump through. Panicking all the way to the boarding area, since we were running late because of that damn line, and some guy I think having a hysteria moment while we were touching down (if not hysteria, then they had been calling for medical attention. it made ME panic though…), I and a couple who had also been on the Berlin flight were eased in our fears when the plane had ended up delayed for whatever reason. I forgot to take my computer out of my bag, so I had to go through the conveyor belt again… I said goodbye to the nice old woman who was flying to Nashville whom I’d met on the bus, and boarded my final flight. I had a seat all to myself too! Way to go Dad!

Landing at home was much easier than the first time, and I felt much more experienced than when I’d left. I found my mother easily as I was going down to baggage claim, and the rest was in their hands then. I was done and tired, and wanted to go home. Turns out? I felt the effects of Germany time zones for the next few days after crashing the first one.

The only left to do and say is a final thank you to all of those who helped out, who helped us, who helped me. Thank you for having us. Thank you for putting up with us. Thank you for thinking highly enough of us that you welcomed us into your country and your home and showed us what’s it’s like to be there. It was a great experience, and I do feel and hope that I am a greater person after meeting you all and getting to know you. I hope to keep in touch with some of you, and to the rest I have only the highest wishes of luck.

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