The Girl Nixdorf [May 27 (Tue)]

On this fine Tuesday we took a trip to the Heinz Nixdorf Museum, the biggest computer museum in the world. Conviniently located in Paderborn, it was just a short bus ride to get there. At the museum we had a tour guide to help us through and explain the finer points of the various exhibits and displays. The museum was split into a couple of different floors representing the two big eras before and after the computer. We learned about things like the ENIAC and the development of the supercomputer. I found it facinating how rapidly technology develops following Moore’s Law and how what took up a room half a century ago can now fit in a tiny chip today. After the tour we had some free time where I looked at the exhibits featuring more modern tech.

After the museum we had some free time before we were to meet at the GamesLab for a lecture by Jorg about the German game industry. This was, of course, one of the reasons I decided to go on this study abroad so I was excited. In the lecture I learned some things like how video games in Germany started just from imports form other countries. When they started to develop their own games, they tended to focus on strategy and simulation games that emphasised resourse management. Inn modern times there is a large trend focusing towards free-to-play games with things like the long running Settlers series switching to the model. A lot of this part of the lecture focused on the business side of things and making money, which I accept as something I will need to consider when I make games, but in this respect is not something I like or take interest in.

There was another party following this, but I wasn’t feeling too hot so I decided to retire early in my hotel room for the trip to Dusseldorf the next day.

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