Death March [June 4 (Wed)]

Wednesday we made another trip to talk to German government officials. We took a brief look at the top of one of their buildings that had a cool spiral walkway you could go up and down. Well, despite looking cool, I have a mild case of acrophobia and did not have a good time going on it myself. Later we went to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the biggest political party in Germany at the moment.

At the CDU we listened to Peter Tauber, the secratary general of the party. With our host, since Peter himself is a busy man, we learned a lot about the CDU and how a lot of their efforts have been to getting the youth on their side. Peter is a fan of games, and the head of the party, Angela Merkel, seems like a rational woman with a fine head on her shoulders, so I believe games will continue to move to getting the respect they deserve as a medium.

Later that day we had a party at the Games Acadamy, one of the few institutions focused entirely on game development. We did not get much of an introduction to them or how they operate, but by conversation with the students we got a bit of insight on what the students actually do there. I found it interesting that some of the students were studying pure game design without learning any programming. I’m not sure how far they can get like that, but best of luck to all my aspiring game developers! On a side note, I learned that two german beers is enough to make me tipsy to the point where I lose my inhibitions. A valuable lesson I will not soon forget.

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